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Karsten International has taken over the international trading company Remalux with effect from 26 March 2021. By combining the strengths of the two trading companies, a solid group is created that can serve its customers in an even broader spectrum of non-food products. The companies and associated brands will retain their own identities and continue to operate as independent entities.

In 1984, market trader Richard Keukelaar founded his company Remalux. In the years that followed, he expanded the company from a national business to an internationally oriented wholesale company with direct imports from the Far East. After years of growth, Keukelaar decided to step down in 2017. Together with the MKB Fonds, the entrepreneur went in search of a successor to continue Remalux’s initiated course. This has been found in trading company Karsten International, where Peter Karsten has taken over the management of Remalux as of 29 March 2021.

In the past 36 years, Remalux has built up a large and diverse range of products and brands. In addition to combining all the knowledge in the field of non-food consumer products, the merger of the companies will also allow customers of both trading companies to achieve many scale benefits, particularly in terms of logistics. Examples include cost savings in warehouses and efficient sea and road transport.

Both companies will continue their activities in the current structure and will each retain their own identity and brands. Apart from the scaling benefits and cost savings, the customer portfolio will not find any notable change as a result of the takeover.