The corona crisis has captivated all of us and in a period of powerlessness, everyone is stepping up their game to help. Karsten International and our top suppliers in China as well. Our suppliers noticed the increasing need for face masks in Europe and therefore sent boxes of mouth masks our way. From our office in China we were able to purchase additional KN95 hospital masks to get even more masks distributed. Karsten International has launched a project to donate the masks to health care institutions in the area. We provided the following locations with mouth masks:

  • OLVG location west
  • Residential location Zuyder Waert
  • Dijklander hospital
  • Noordwest hospital
  • General practice Risdam
  • General practice Hoogeveen Verhoef
  • Zaans Medical centrum
  • Nursing home Overspaarne Haarlem
  • Spaarne hospital Hoofddorp
  • Festina Lente Assendelft

We will continue to deliver face masks to institutions who fall short. It’s trying to empty the ocean with a thimble, but every bit helps. Only together we can control corona.

Stay safe! #karstencares

KN95 mondkapjesMondkapjes voor zorginstellingen

Kaart Zuyder Waert mondkapjes