What we do

At Karsten International we aim to create products and brands with the goal to fulfill consumer needs. We accomplish this by providing the highest value products at the lowest price. Our specialty lies in a broad spectrum of non-food products like personal care, household, office needs, hobby, travel, first aid, audiovisual and gadgets. As your full-service partner we carry out assignments from A to Z; from product design to after sales.

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How we work

Product design

Do you have a product idea or are you looking for that one item you can’t find on the market? We are your partner that helps bring your ideas to life. We can develop your products in private label brands or in our own existing brands. Our design team is happy to help you with the development of new products. We can design creative product packaging and displays for optimal sales.


We have an extensive database in which each product group is represented by leading manufacturers. Manufacturers are carefully selected and we ensure that they are stable, long-term partners. Currently we do business with 86 producers based in 14 countries around the world. Quality control and product testing are an important part of the production.

Logistics & Storage

You need the security that your products reach their destination in time and without delay. We arrange your shipments from any port outside Europe to any port in Europe, mainly Rotterdam. The container will be unloaded in one of our warehouses. From the warehouse, the products are distributed to the retailers. Besides full pallets we can also deliver per layer, per carton or per piece.


Do you need support with the promotion of a brand or product? Our marketing team has all the right promotional materials to market your product professionally. From attractive product pictures and promotional videos to informative flyers and other advertisements. Of course, we regularly do promotional activities for our own existing brands, such as visiting events and online advertising.

Happy Customer

Your customer is our customer. And our common goal is to make customers happy. That’s why we as your partner make sure that you get high quality products for competitive prices. Timeless products and innovative products. Non-food products for daily use, which make customers smile. Because if the customer smiles, we smile. And that’s how we build longterm relationships.

After Sales

We believe that after sales is the most important part of the process. In case your customer has questions about a product, our customer service team is always happy to help. But that’s not where it stops: during the after sales we analyse the whole process. We look at the ratings, we implement improvements and we take everything into account for further cooperation.

How can we help you?

Do you have an innovative product idea or are you looking for this one item you can’t seem to find in the market? We love challenges, so don’t hesitate to contact us and together we can bring your ideas to life.

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