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Karsten International office

A workplace as inspiring as the brands we’re building

Working at Karsten International sparks your creativity, inspires you to try new things, builds your confidence and encourages you to be yourself.

Approach problems from different angles

When you build a product for the entire world to use, you need a team as diverse as the people you’re building the product for. At Karsten International, we’re all different ages, nationalities, and styles.

Karsten International cocktail party

Our headquarters are in Amsterdam

Sandra Lohrmann

''Every day is a challenge and as a team we will perform successfully.''

Sandra Lohrmann, Supply Chain Manager at Karsten International

''The international culture at the office is super fun and very educational!''

Stefan Bruijns, Online Marketing Specialist at Karsten International

Stefan Bruijns

We have fun

We are always looking for new talent

Do you think we offer an inspiring work environment, but didn’t you find a job offer that suits you? Then we invite you to send us your open application!

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