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Privacy Policy

Privacy-sensitive data – or personal data – are processed through the website of Karsten International considers the careful handling of personal data of great importance. This information is therefore carefully processed and secured by us.

When processing data, we comply with the requirements set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means, among other things, that we:

  • Clearly mention the purposes to process personal data. We do this through our privacy policy;
  • Restrict the collection of personal data to only the personal data necessary for legitimate purposes;
  • First ask for explicit permission to process your personal data in cases where your consent is required;
  • Take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and demand the same measures of parties that process personal data on our behalf;
  • Respect your right to request access your personal data for inspection, correction or deletion.

Karsten International is responsible for the data processing. In this privacy policy, we explain what personal data we collect and use and for what purpose. We advise you to read this carefully. This privacy policy was last modified on 25-05-2018.

Use of personal data

When you use our service, we obtain certain information from you. This may be personal data. We only keep and use the personal data that you provide to us directly in the context of the service you request, or that we clearly receive for the purpose of data processing.

We use the following data for the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy:

  • Address data;
  • Phone number;
  • E-mail address;
  • IP address.

Purpose of use

We use your personal data to be of service to you and only when this information is provided to us by phone, e-mail, contact form or by placing an order. We use the personal data obtained for the following purposes:

  • Log in and verify / authenticate users;
  • Communication between Karsten International and users;
  • Sending newsletters and direct marketing campaigns;
  • Monitoring and auditing our services;
  • Analyzing statistics and optimizing our services;
  • Sending and delivery and communication concerning orders;


With certain parts of our services, including placing orders, we ask you to register first. We save the username you have chosen and the personal data you have provided. We store this information to facilitate the next ordering process. You can manage and modify your personal data in your account.

Sharing with third parties

We do not provide your personal data to third parties, unless this is necessary in the context of the implementation of the agreement that you agreed with us or in case this is legally required. It concerns these parties: delivery partners, suppliers, payment partners and parties that collect our reviews.

The parties who gain access to your data are only allowed to use the data to provide you with a service on behalf of Karsten International. We never sell your data to third parties. In case of suspicion of fraud or abuse of our service, we can hand over personal data to the competent authorities.

Our website includes social media buttons. The administrators of these services collect your personal data.


We can, in addition to the information on our website, inform you about our new products and services. This can be done by e-mail or telephone.

Contact Form

If you fill in a contact form on the website, or if you send us an e-mail, the data you send will be stored for as long as this is necessary to fully answer or process the nature of the contact form or the content of your e-mail.


We send newsletters to inform interested customers about our products and/or services. Every newsletter contains a link giving you the option to unsubscribe. When entering your personal data, you indicate whether you want to receive these e-mails.


We do not publish customer data.


We take security measures to limit the abuse of and unauthorized access to personal data. In particular, we take the following measures:

  • Access to personal data is protected with a username and password
  • The data is stored in a separate, protected system
  • We use secured connections (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) that protect all information between you and our service when you enter personal data

Retention periods

The personal data described above are retained for as long as necessary to use our services. After that, we will retain data until further notice on your part for the statistical purposes described.

Third-party websites

This privacy policy does not apply to websites of third parties that are connected to us by means of links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties deal with your personal data in a reliable or secure way. We advise you to read the privacy statement of these websites before using these websites.

Job applicants

We care about the privacy of job applicants. Read more about: privacy for job applicants.

Changes to this privacy statement

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy statement. It is advisable to consult this privacy statement regularly so that you are aware of these changes.

Access and changes to your data

For questions about our privacy policy or questions regarding access to and correction (or removal) of your personal data, you can contact us at any time via the information below.

To prevent abuse, we ask you to identify yourself. When it comes to access to personal data linked to a cookie, you need to send a copy of the cookie in question. You can find it in the settings of your browser. If this data is incorrect, you can ask us to change the data or to have it deleted.

Personal Data Protection Authority

Of course, we are happy to help you if you have complaints about the processing of your personal data. Under the privacy legislation, you also have the right to file a complaint against the processing of your personal data with the Personal Data Protection Authority. You can contact the Personal Data Protection Authority for this.

Cookie statement

Karsten International distributes cookies. When you visit our website for the first time, a message is shown explaining why we use cookies. We see further use of our services by you as permission for this use of cookies.

A cookie is a very small text file that ends up on your PC and, for example, improves the usability of our website. The cookies also enable us to learn more about how you use the website. We can make improvements based on that data.

We only collect the necessary information to provide you and other visitors with the best possible service and to display an advertisement afterwards. As clearly explained in our privacy statement, your cookies are not shared with third parties. In certain cases, anonymized information can be shared with another party.

You are free to disable cookies through your browser. Keep in mind that it is possible that our services will no longer work optimally.

Functional cookies

Our website would not function properly without the use of cookies. That is why we think it is important that you accept our cookies. These cookies are needed to use our website.

Analysis cookies

Data is essential in today’s world, also for us. That is why we keep track of how our visitors behave on our website through various cookies. Why? The analyses we can perform with this data give us important insights into the use of our website. For example, we can intervene if specific pages do not perform. It is possible that certain pages or elements do not work, or the information you see is not what you expect as a visitor. This way we can make the website better for you! We do this via: Google.

Sharing: this cookie information is only shared with Google and will not be distributed further. With Google, it may in some cases – and when we allow it – be possible that certain partners have temporary access, but this only concerns anonymous information.

Advertisement cookies

Advertising cookies ensure that we can show you the products you have viewed while browsing the internet. These cookies include, among others, which advertisements you have already seen. This concerns Google and Doubleclick services.

Social media cookies

These social (advertising) cookies ensure that you also get to see your favorite products on social media. This makes it easy for you to see if you really like these products. The social media cookies on our site are from Facebook and LinkedIn.

Video cookies

We show various videos on our website, these are uploaded to YouTube. These cookies collect views and other information related to the videos to add this data to the platform. This is all anonymous.

Contact Privacy Officer

Voluntary Data Processing Officer / Privacy Officer

Sharon Oost
+31 (0)20 261 4883

Karsten International
Overschiestraat 63 – 5
1065 XD Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 261 4883

Overschiestraat 63
1062 XD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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