Online Marketeer Marketplaces

24-40 hours per week

Are you that creative online marketer with entrepreneurial spirit? Great, because at Karsten International you get the unique opportunity to put together fantastic product campaigns on the online market. The marketplaces are your playground!

Full of enthusiasm and expertise, you put our products in the spotlights at the various marketplaces and you like to advise and think about analytics and strategy. With that in mind you create online campaigns that yield the best possible results on user and revenue growth. And you certainly don’t do all this alone, because you can count on an enthusiastic team of marketers. Together you let the campaigns connect to trends, new products and seasonal influences. To ensure optimum quality and growth, your team also works closely with Sales, Logistics and Customer Service.

As an Online Marketer Marketplaces you will seize opportunities per brand and product on the online market. We are well represented at various marketplaces, but we see many more opportunities. You undoubtedly know exactly where these opportunities lie.

Your duties will further consist of

  • Set up of online product marketing campaigns
  • Implement and apply data analytics to your campaigns
  • Complete management of the marketplaces, including product introduction and product presentation
  • Expand and optimize our web shops
  • Contribute to employer branding
  • Social advertisement
  • Consumer mailings
  • Contribute to the marketing plan
  • Trend watcher in the field of online retail

“As a young professional I keep developing myself every day. Everything is possible with a creative team or enthusiastic people with enough knowledge to grab every opportunity by the balls and make it a success. ”
Stefan Bruijns, Online Marketer.

Your talents

Years of experience is not important to us, because we think a creative mind, good ideas and initiative are much more important. You as a person therefore also burst with energy, and boredom or negativity does not occur in your dictionary.
However, you already have sufficient knowledge and expertise of online marketing and can therefore tell us a lot (or better yet, everything) about marketplaces (Amazon is your thing) and how you will put the company even more on the online map. You look beyond the borders and like to think about how and with which we can achieve even more success in various countries, such as Germany and France. You understand the importance of data analytics. Because when you measure, you know, is also your motto. Since you are going to work with international products within an international team on an international market, you have excellent command of the English language in word and writing.

Who we are?

Karsten International develops a wide range of products for daily use, from the latest gadgets to sustainable beauty products. You name it, we make it. In addition to working hard and delivering quality, enjoyment and collegiality are our top priorities. The team consists of driven product developers, sales experts, logistics talents, online marketing specialists and graphic designers. Thanks to a broad international network and more than ten years of experience, we are winning the hearts of consumers all over the world with our products. You will be given every opportunity to contribute to this.

To ensure that you stay in top condition, we offer you

  • Lunch
  • Fresh fruit
  • Boot camp, yoga and your own soccer team
  • Personal development plan
  • An excellent pension scheme
  • A pleasant vrijmibo
  • An instagram-worthy and easily accessible office in Amsterdam

Will you join our team?

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