Product Financials

We take care of your financial concerns

When it comes to international trade, the financial aspect can become a cause of concern to both the manufacturer and the retailer, especially regarding payment terms. Karsten International alleviates these concerns by taking on the role of financial partner, as well as your logistical and service partner. Payment terms can therefore mostly be adhered to, enabling a closer relationship between the manufacturer and retailer.

Currencies & commodities

In close cooperation with our AFM registered currency broker, we can deal directly on financial markets with the top 30 banks. We can exchange currencies using the best rates and can reduce currency risks by locking the exchange rate in FX forwards.

Because certain raw materials have an unstable value, we also have the capability to trade in commodities. This creates more stability in final product prices.

Create more possibilities

You want to create added value with your special design or your unique products, but your boss does not have a budget for initial investments. We can take care of and settle investments for injection moulds or printing plates in the product price.


A large stock can be a millstone around the neck. We are a trader and we own and finance the stock until the customer buys it.