Product Logistics

From A to B. Your reliable logistics partner

You need the security that your products reach their destination in time and without delay. Karsten International arranges your shipments from any port outside Europe to any port in Europe, mainly Rotterdam. The container is then unloaded in one of our warehouses, either our main warehouse for western Europe in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands or in Nottingham for the UK market. From the warehouse, the products are distributed to the retailers by small or large quantities. Besides full pallets we, can also deliver per layer or per carton. Depending on the volume and rotation of a product, we decide on the most efficient method of delivery.

Automated physical distribution. Essential in efficient logistics


As our customer, we offer you the possibility to link your and our system smoothly together, with a fully integrated Electronic Data Interchange. This saves costs for both and rules out mistakes.

Customer demands are entered directly into our EDI system, allowing for an almost direct placement of your delivery to our warehouse. Order confirmations, delivery notes and invoicing are all digitally sent to the responsible partners.


Nowadays, more and more retailers are using SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) for secure tracking of products. Each shipping unit receives a unique barcode containing all product information, such as batch number, expiry date and content. This information can easily be traced back to the production batch.

GS1 DAS Data Pool

As a registered retailer, we can supply you with all required product details simply by publishing it via the GS1 DAS Data Pool. This offers direct benefits such as the ability to import article data quickly and efficiently according to GS1 standards.

Supply Chain Management

Our logistics system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, contains sophisticated software which is capable of planning demand based upon seven variables. Amongst many other benefits, this system enables our team to place production orders well in advance in order to guarantee a continuous supply to our customers.