Your gateway to Western Europe

What can you expect from us?

Make Karsten International your distributor to Western & Northern Europe. As manufacturer you wish to be the most competitive one in the whole supply chain. You cannot influence a great deal, while several trading companies are in between. Karsten International works so efficiently that we ensure the end-retailer to get a highly competitive price. We guarantee no waste of money in the supply chain. Currently we do business with 20 producers based in China, Indonesia, India, Jordan, Turkey and Spain.

What can we expect from you?

First and foremost, it is important that your factory is professional and meets European quality standards with relevant certificates. As a partner of Karsten International, we expect the factory to share our business philosophy in terms of labour conditions, waste reduction procedures and quality control.

You should also be aware of high competition among the retail chains we operate with. The market demands the best quality for the best price. As our manufacturing partner, we need you on our side. To work efficiently in tender paths, we base our selection on the initial price offer. Therefore we kindly ask the manufacturer to offer their best price on the first quote.

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