From strength to strength


Karsten International is founded by Peter Karsten in Oosterblokker, the Netherlands during his study at the University of Alkmaar. The company is born of the friendly takeover of Trida Bonsai Ltd, a company that specializes in the distribution of cosmetic care products since 1981. Trida Bonsai mainly focussed on personal care products, such as bathroom soap, toothpaste, shampoo, bath foam, liquid hand soap, facial care products and cream. Throughout the years, the company had developed a large European network, ranging from small to large clients. Trida Bonsai also initiated delivering products to humanitarian organisations, an initiative that Karsten International is proud to take over.


New manufacturers are found in the Far East, creating new business opportunities for the company. Due to the short lines of communication and low overhead between manufacturer and retailer, prices are kept very competitive. More and more customers request a wider range of products, resulting in the expansion of product groups from personal care to household cleaning products as well.


The steady market share growth leads to the company supplying 85% of all supermarkets in the Netherlands. Pharmacies and non-food retailers are also added to the customer base.


Three years in a row Karsten International doubles its turnover. The sales market expands to Belgian retailers. Further expansion of product groups means that Karsten International now deals in office supplies as well, beginning with ink cartridges for printers.


New software systems are integrated to increase the capacity and control in the supply chain.


Karsten International moves to its new office in Amsterdam North. With its dynamic industrial design, this office is a perfect match for Karsten International.


The head count has been increased to enable further growth. Our latest added product group of office supplies has shown a strong increase in market share in the Netherlands. Online retail also starts to play a more important part.